David Byrne 공연에 관한 소식들

“Byrne was greeted with a returning heroes welcome. I’ve never heard an ovation as deep and long as that following “Houses In Motion” – it seemed to begin in the back of the large hall and move forward till the room was one extended, hearty bravo that resonated for minutes, stunning even Mr. Byrne.”

Brooklyn Vegan

“The spectacle that went with the music in the 1980s was whimsical and enigmatic, hinting at ritual as well as comedy. Mr. Byrne’s new troupe was closer to Broadway, with smiley, loose-limbed dancers skipping in and out of the band, often sharing moves with the musicians.”

New York Times

Check out the set list below:

“Strange Overtones”
“I Zimbra”
“One Fine Day”
“Help Me Somebody”
“Houses In Motion”
“My Big Nurse”
“My Big Hands (Fall Through The Cracks)”
“Poor Boy”
“Life Is Long”
“The River”
“Crosseyed and Painless”
“Born Under Punches”
“Once In A Lifetime”
“Life During Wartime”
“I Feel My Stuff”

Encore 1
“Take Me To The River”
“The Great Curve”

Encore 2
“Burning Down The House”

Encore 3
“Everything That Happens”

Rolling Stone

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