Greatest Moments in Rock

Greatest Moments in Rock. (e/w)

1. Meeting The Beatles On The Ed Sullivan Show

2. Chuck Berry Records “Maybellene”

3. Elvis’ Sun SessionsBegin

4. Bob Dylan Goes Electric

5. Michael Jackson Ignites Motown 25

6. Kool Herc “Invents” Hip-Hop

7. The Wonder Years

8. ‘Teen Spirit’ Airs on MTV, Unleashing a Generation’s Rage

9. Woodstock

10. James Brown Records “Live at the Apollo”

11. The Ramones debut at CBGB

12. John meets Paul at a church social

13. MTV Begins Broadcasting

14. The Sex Pistols’ “Ruckus on the Thames”

15. Sgt. Pepper Ushers In Album Rock

16. American Bandstand Goes Nationwide

17. The Monterey Pop Festival

18. Keith Richards Writes (and almost loses) the “Satisfaction” Riff

19. “Heartbreak Hotel” unleashes Elvis-mania

20. Led Zeppelin Record “Stairway to Heaven”

21. Madonna

22. Phil Spector Records “He’s a Rebel”

23. Bruce Springsteen Makes the Cover Of “Time” and “Newsweek”

24. “The Message” Sweeps America

25. Pete Townshend Smashes His First Guitar

26. Aretha’s First Atlantic Recording Sessions

27. Bob Dylan Signs With Columbia Records

28. Blackboard Jungle

29. Altamont

30. The Kingsmen Record “Louie Louie”

31. Free-Form Radio Is Born

32. John Lennon Is Assassinated

33. Brian Wilson has a nervous breakdown

34. David Bowie Debuts “Ziggy Stardust”

35. The Who Record ‘My Generation’

36. Lou Reed Begins Electroshock Treatments

37. Little Richard records “Tutti Frutti”

38. Eric Clapton Quits The Yardbirds

39. Gram Parsons’ Date with Destiny

40. U2 Rattle Red Rocks

41. Singer-Songwriter stars collide

42. “Rapper’s Delight” Brings Hip-Hop to the Masses

43. “What’s Going On” Is Released

44. The PMRC Hearing

45. The Day the Music Died

46. Neil Young writes “Ohio”

47. The First Lilith Fair Kicks Off

48. Rolling Stone Goes to Press

49. The T.A.M.I. Show

50. Sam Cooke’s “You Send Me” Hits No. 1

51. Disco Peaks with the Premiere of “Saturday Night Fever”

52. Tupac is Shot

53. Folk Music Peaks at March on Washington

54. The First Payola Hearings Begin

55. Album Covers Go Wild

56. Aldon Music is Launched

57. John Meets Yoko

58. Iggy Pop Cuts His Chest on The First Stooges Tour

59. MC Hammer Samples “Super Freak”

60. R.E.M. Play their First Gig

61. “Revolution” Peddles Footwear

62. ‘Moe’ Tucker Beats Down Rock’s Gender Barrier

63. Prince Debuts “Purple Rain”

64. Elton John Makes His American Debut

65. “Walk This Way” Peaks at No. 4 On The Pop Chart

66. Beatles’ Rooftop Farewell

67. “Rumours” Marks Its 31st Week at No. 1

68. “Midnight Special” premieres

69. The Riot Grrrls Roar Into Washington

70. Lollapalooza II Opens for Business

71. The Concert For Bangladesh

72. Mockumentary “This is Spinal Tap” Premieres

73. Reagan Co-opts the Boss

74. The Monkees Debuts

75. “Hair” Opens on Broadway

76. Jerry Lee Lewis Weds his Teen Cousin

77. Pat Boone’s “Ain’t That A Shame” Enters The Charts

78. Tapers’ Choice for Best Dead Gig

79. The Eagles Debut at Disneyland

80. The Mothership Lands

81. “The Harder They Come” Opens in America

82. Pink Floyd Unveil “Dark Side of the Moon”

83. Kiss See the New York Dolls

84. Paul Simon Goes Global

85. Garth Brooks Tops The Pop and Country Charts

86. “Autobahn” Enters the US Charts

87. KCRW Plays “Loser”

88. Maurice Starr Meets New Edition

89. Milli Vanilli is Exposed

90. New Wave Swells When The Police Play Shea

91. The Replacements Sign to Sire

92. Michael Jackson Heats Up

93. Massive Attack Releases “Blue Lines”

94. Elvis’ “Aloha From Hawaii Via Satellite”

95. Ginger Quits The Spice Girls

96. “The Big Chill Soundtrack” Peaks At No. 17 on The Billboard 200

97. Jim Morrison “Flashes” Audience

98. Green Day’s Woodstock II Mud Melee

99. Jethro Tull Wins the Grammy… for Heavy Metal!

100. Bauhaus release “Bella Lugosi’s Dead”

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  1. nuordr

    lupin : 99번 은 비평가에 대한 조롱 갔지요^^ 그래미에 헤비메탈 부분을 만들긴 만들었는데 딱히 주고 싶은 사람은 없고 마침 제스로 털의
    앨범 crest of knave 가 전작에 비해 사운드가 하드 하니까
    헤비메탈 부분 수상자로..왜 갑자기 이게 감자면 난 남자다
    뭐 이런 광고가 생각나는지-_-;;;; 2002/04/10
    purple : 와우 …바우하우스도 한자락 했네 +_+?/ 2002/04/11
    조영래 : wonder years라는 건 뭘 말하는 건지…..여? 2002/04/16
    JH : Wonder가 대문자로 시작되는군요…
    스티비 원더의 전성기를 뜻하는 건 아닐지.. 2002/09/15
    몬티 : Wonder Years… 사진방에도 있던 TV 연속극 “케빈은 열 두살”이었던 거 같은데. 2002/09/26
    lupin : 링크된 곳에 가시면 아시겠지만 배리 고디가 가족돈 800달러로
    시작한 모타운의 전성 시대를 중의적으로 그리 표현한것 같습니다.

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